Contact Us

Board of Directors President: Kathy Fuller

Vice President:Beth Pineo

Secretary: Carol Ann Burden

Treasurer: Leslie Walters

Archives: Would you like to know about past events?
Kathy Fuller looks after the history of our festival.

Awards Coordinator: Would you like to donate an award?
Kathleen Jung looks after the awards presented to the competitors each year.

Donations: Would you like to make a donation to the ongoing work of the Annapolis Valley Music Festival? For a scholarship? For monetary awards?
Leslie Walters looks after the finances of the Festival and gives out charitable receipts.

Head Adjudicator’s Secretary:
looks after the adjudicators during the festival.

Monetary Prizes Coordinator: Would you like to donate monetary prizes?
Karen Ash looks after the monetary prizes for individual classes.

Music Librarian: Would you like to borrow some music?
Marlene Jackson looks after the Music Festival Library.

Public Relations: Would you like to help publicize the work of the festival? Write media releases?
Kathy Fuller looks after sending notices to the papers.

Program Coordinator:
Janet Trites looks after getting the program together, printed and distributed for the festival.

Sponsorship Coordinator: Like to advertise with us?
Leslie Walters looks after the advertisers and fundraising.

Stars of the Festival: Would you like to help organize our final concerts?
Janet and Beth look after getting the program together, printed and ready for the concerts.

Syllabus Coordinator:
Nicole Barrett looks after having the syllabus compiled and printed and distributed.
Nancy Wentzell is the Assistant Coordinator

Volunteer Co-ordinator: Would you like to volunteer to help during the festival? Become a member of the Board?
Carol Ann Burden looks after all our volunteers.